Pilot and Laboratory Systems

For over 20 years, pilot and laboratory systems for the production of fiber have been part of the core business of FilaTech. The systems are suitable for a variety of polymers and the production of hollow fiber membrane for medical and industrial applications. One to eight-thread systems belong to our standard equipment but special solutions are also possible. After many years of experience, post-treatment lines such as washing baths, drying ovens and crimping units have become standard items in our portfolio as well. Coilers, drums and linear winders are also part of our product range, each of which is made to custom fit our systems.

In-house Laboratory Facility

Our in-house laboratory facility consisting of precipitation baths, wash baths, a drying oven, crimper and various winders is available for the testing of polymers and production parameters.

Analyzes of the membranes are also possible in an adjoining laboratory.

Specially developed measurement systems for determining flux, retention and mechanical properties are applied here in addition to the standard methods of rheology and microscopy.


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